Inverted Orthodoxy #336- AER on Spiritual Warfare, Healing, and maybe more!

Apr 24, 2024

In this weeks episode, Pastors Kyle, Blake and Doug discuss the following:

AER from April 17, 2024 Spiritual warfare question 

This doesn’t have to be AER, it could be put into your list of questions if you don’t think it’s related enough. 

What do our prayers accomplish for others in their spiritual warfare (example praying for our kids who have decided following Jesus doesn’t interest them). 

What role do angels play in spiritual warfare? I’ve heard others pray that God would send His angles to fight or that they see angels coming to our aid. Is this real? What are your thoughts?

Mar 26 -What are your thoughts on healing? Why are some people healed and not others? Is it because of unbelief? James 5:14-15 Thank-you

Apr 2 - Quite a while ago,a question was asked about your thoughts on asking Jesus into your life at the end of each service or sermon.Cannot find it, could you tell me which episode that was? Thank you