Sunday Morning

9:45 & 11:15am

Who can join?

We aim to be a place where absolutely anyone is welcome. Seriously. None of us have it all figured out, but we are on a journey collectively to become more Like Jesus. 

Our Gatherings

Sanctuary is a time for you to connect with God in the way you best do so. We have a team playing music and you are more than welcome to join in singing, sit or stand, pray or read from one of our clipboards at the entry way with scripture and prayers

We take part in celebrating communion together weekly. We all need to regularly recenter on Christ , and this practice allows us to do that together. Anyone is welcome to join us in this practice.

Teaching and Response
We aim to Image Jesus by Becoming Love. We know that Jesus transforms us and renews us. One of our pastors will take a few minutes to teach alongside our current series. We know that after teaching, we all have a tendency to move on quickly so we have integrated a time to process what we learn together.  Before leaving, we take some time to reflect on what we learn so that we may allow it to sink deeper into our hearts and minds.

Spiritual Practice

We conclude out gatherings with a formational practice. This practice takes many different forms such as guided prayers, practicing of forgiveness and many more. They are all something that you can join with us for but also practice on your own. 

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