Inverted Orthodoxy #337- Jesus and the Super Bowl, Bible Translations, Stillness, and maybe more!

May 1, 2024

In this weeks episode, Pastors Kyle and Doug discuss the following:

In relation to the purity topic/the way people dress, what steps can we take to teach teens how to to live with wisdom and self control without instilling the negatives that purity culture has brought about

What are your thoughts on “He gets us” ad that ran on the Super Bowl; advertising Jesus approach. Apparently it shows several controversial groups: a priest washing an LGBTQ members feet, a police officer washing a criminal’s feet, etc.. millions of dollars were spent on this ad.. “ He gets us “ . Is it ok? I may be worth your looking at as a topic for your inverted theology questions.  Or is it too controversial to handle.  You decide.

Apr 8 - Which translation of the bible do you prefer? Recently Doug read a verse and then gave a the same verse in English Standard version. Are some versions more accurate than others? Which version would you recommend to teens or new Christian’s, are some easier to understand than others?

Apr 8 - On Sunday we practiced stillness at the end of the sermon. Doug said a few times that it is easy to get distracted and it’s a good practice to bring yourself back to the stillness. I’ve also heard people say that sometimes in the stillness something can pop into your mind because God wants to highlight or point something out, so in the stillness can something come to mind and, instead of brushing it aside you pray and discuss that with God asking him why it has come to mind and what he wants to show you about it? What are your thoughts on this?