Q&A #260- Fencing the table, Exodus 4:11, Who gave Satan the authority, and more!

Aug 20, 2022    Kyle Toner, Blake Hardy, Doug Phaneuf

In our 260th episode, Blake, and Kyle join as a team to answer questions from our Q&A backlog!

1. Since we have been doing communion every week for a while now, I've been thinking about how we need to remind ourselves not to "fence" the table. It is a table open to all, where there is healing and redemption and bread for the journey for all who partake of it. A lot of churches/denominations believe and say that you can only partake of communion if you meet certain criteria - have accepted Christ, are in good standing in every human relationship, etc. But I am not convinced that is true. It is an invitation to all to partake and acknowledge what Christ has done and continues to do for all of humanity. Would you agree with this? Could our communion time each week be of greater significance in reaching those seeking salvation? Do people need to meet any specific criteria to partake in communion at Living Springs?

2. Can you explain Exodus 4:11 Thank you

3. Hi there, In Luke 4 v 6 Satan declares he has been given authority over all the kingdoms. Who gave him this authority and why? Thanks Debbie

4. I don’t know if Blake has listened the the “Rise and Fall” podcast but I know Kyle and Doug have listened to most if not all of the episodes. I have 2 questions.
1. 1. What are your biggest takeaways from the series?
2. In one of the most recent episodes, there was discussion about the “office” or “institution” of the pastorate. Can you discuss your thoughts on the episode (if you’ve listened to it) and either way, your thoughts on the pastorate as an institution and what it means for you to be members of that “office" who went through the proper (typical? Usual? I can’t think what word works best here) channels (except maybe Blake, I heard he I mean skipped a few steps) vs someone who just grabbed the title through charisma and essentially sheer force of will.