Inverted Orthodoxy #Encore Episode 292- Radical Political Christianity, The translated Bible, Posses

Nov 22, 2023

1.Explanation? One of you said on the last Q&A, that we celebrate the Sabbath on Sunday because that’s when Jesus was risen, but the women went to put spices on Jesus’ body very early on Sunday morning, and he wasn’t there. Why do we assume he was not risen on Saturday? It seems to me that we would have been able to relate better to the Jewish people if we had kept the proper Sabbath.

2.No question, just want to say I Enjoy this podcast ,you guys have a lot of fun,you are Knowledgable & non judgmental and always very carefully answer the questions and are honest about not knowing it all, in sometimes trying to decipher the http://questions.thank -you!

3.Do you think the more the states pushes such a radical Christian right wing ideal, the further it will push people away from Christianity?

4.I can only assume the Bible was translated into English at some point. Is it possible that certain stories or teachings are miss translated? Or translated incorrectly? Would this change anything if things have been omitted or changed?

 5.What’s the difference between a demonic possession and oppression?

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