Inverted Orthodoxy #339- Speaking in tongues, Prompts from the Spirit, and Slaying the Spirit

May 15, 2024

in Episode #339, Pastors Kyle and Blake discuss the following:

1 - 1:13 seconds into episodeWhat is happening when we pray in tongues? If I’m praying in tongues between God and myself do I need to receive an interpretation? Is praying in tongues a way to pray when we don’t know what to say? Or should it only be done to be interpreted to edify the church body? What role does praying in tongues have in the church body at Living Springs? Is this something that the church needs to be discipled in?

342. 20:40 minutes into episode Apr 14 - I’ve struggled my whole life trying to obey the promptings from the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I think I miss the mark by miles on this. It baffles me how a group of people or couples can all loved the Lord passionately and have differing ideas of what it looks like to follow the leading of the Lord. What are your thoughts on this and how do you navigate through following the promptings of the Lord in your own lives and relationships?

344. 47:40 minutes into episode Apr 14 - On April 13, 2024 Kyle preached on Holy Spirit. He mentioned being slain in the Spirit. What does that mean? Why is that something that doesn’t happen at Living Springs?