Q&A #276- AER, Does God call us to violence, Abstaining from other religions, and more!

Kyle Toner, Blake Hardy, Doug Phaneuf

In our Q&A #276, Pastors Doug, Blake and Kyle discuss the following:

Hi there, it seems like the transgender question from a while back has morphed into something larger and broader with questions and comments that you say your team is filtering and deciding what should and what shouldn't make it on to the podcast. Rather than doing that, which could be seen as censorship, why not schedule and host a "Town Hall" meeting or series of meetings where anyone who wants to talk about this hot topic can come out and share their thoughts? No censorship, no agenda, just moderated conversation based on mutual respect, love and a desire to learn about each other and from each other and GROW regardless of "LEFT" or "RIGHT" happy horses@#t...human beings...being and meeting the middle or at least trying! Imagine the what if's that could come from an event(s) like this. Nobody hiding behind the anonymity of a Q&A wall, an example for others to see what can happen when God's people come together as strands of a rope...just a thoughtKyle, can you reference your point about looking down on Jesus when he was intersecting with homeless, sick, or gay…Why is it when gay rights is addressed it’s always within a context like this? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I really don’t understand how someone loving who they love is the same as some of these other negative scenarios you guys end up discussing when discussing gay rights. It can actually be very damaging to someone listening who identifies as “queer” and to be honest, I’m having a hard time understanding what your stances are on the LGBTQ community as I find it has been dependant on what camp a questioner lands in. I am wondering if even though it’s not the way the podcast is structured if it’s worth actually hashing this out on an episode with members of the community. Not to be negative, just a bit confused by the comments.. worried you guys are out of your depth to answer these more complex gay rights questions. Is there ever a situation where God calls us to act with violence? Even in war or in the protection of others? Should Christians abstain from practices based on other religions? Do you feel there is a benefit in experiencing other forms of spiritual connection, or would this be violating the first commandment? If Jesus was on the earth today where do you believe he would go first? What kinds of people would he make apostles of? And who do you believe would oppose him the most?If your govenment were to become an Authoritarian Christian Theocracy, would it be your duty as a follower of Christ to oppose it?