Q&A #266- Actually discussing Churches tax exemptions, enemy manipulations and more

Oct 11, 2022    Kyle Toner, Blake Hardy

In our Q&A #266 Pastors Doug and Kyle discuss the following:

yy. I’ve noticed that many churches and parachurch organizations make a big deal about having tax exempt status and are sometimes influenced to make changes they may not want to in order to keep that status (sometimes for the better, eg, govt forcing bible schools like Moody to allow people of color to attend). While I understand that from a business standpoint it’s helpful to have the extra funds that would normally be paid in taxes, isn’t this kind of a “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and give to God what is God’s” scenario? Shouldn’t the church trust that God will provide what is needed for the church, by “the church”? In theory, if every church (and celeb pastor) paid the same taxes as other businesses, there could help lower taxes for everyone else theoretically. Proverbs 30 teaches us to pray for enough. For our daily bread. It just seems ironic that the church, of all groups, would fuss over having to pay the same taxes to “Caesar” as others do. Thoughts?
zz. Related to LGBTQ2S and coming from a completely non-judgemental, genuinely curious place - how would you respond to this? "anyone who identifies as anything other than heterosexual is being manipulated by the enemy; the enemy is putting these thoughts in people's minds. The enemy wants you to believe it's okay."