Inverted Orthodoxy #329- Yoga, restoration, Women in Ministry and maybe more!

Mar 6, 2024

In episode #329, Pastors Kyle, Doug, and Blake discuss the following:

1. Wondering what you think about yoga? Is this something Christians should practice? What about the different types (e.g. Bikram, Kundilini, etc.) - are there some Christians should or shouldn’t be involved in? I know many (or all?) of the poses are about spirituality and worshipping false gods, so wondering what you think about Christians and yoga. Thanks.

2. Hi. My question is around the idea of restoration. So in genesis, thinking about the fall and Adam’s and Eves spiritual separation from God. With Jesus death of the cross, our relationship is restored. Did Jesus restore us to the level of relationship that Adam had with with God, who walked with God in the cool of the night. If so, what are the implications for our thinking around following Jesus, our traditional view of devotions of quiet time. Are we designed to walk this closely with God, and was this his original intention. Feel free to amend/develop this question into a better form for the podcast.

3. Hi, thank you for this podcast. It has been very informative and thought provoking! My question is about women as 'teaching/preaching' pastors'. I always thought that 1 Timothy 2:12 encouraged women to avoid preaching roles; although all other roles within the church can be carried out by women and are equally important. Can you clarify Living Springs' position on this?