Inverted Orthodoxy #327- Law and order, Self Defence, and maybe more!

Feb 21, 2024

1- In Matthew 5:17-20 Jesus talks about the fulfillment of the law and how no Law will disappear until heaven and earth disappear. Yet as Christians we don’t follow the law as it may seem we are supposed to. Why is that? Is this just something Christianity has decided to skip over? What’s the difference between the law being abolished vs fulfilled? 3

2 - In Matthew 25:31-46 it talks about the people on the right getting eternal life and those on the left getting eternal punishment. How would this group of verses be reconciled into your current view of Hell and the afterlife?

3 - If I’m a Christian, is it okay to defend myself, even from physical harm or death? I’m struggling through the idea that as Christians, we are told to follow Christ as our Head and example and yet He, when unjustly arrested, tortured and killed never lifted a finger to defend himself. How can we Christians ever condone or even consider using violence against someone else, even if they decide to attack or kill us? I’m struggling to find the justification anywhere for it.