Inverted Orthodoxy #330- AER, Relationships, Gender Roles, and maybe more!

Mar 13, 2024

In this weeks episode, the pastors discuss the following:

1. Blake is wrong in saying that it is fine if the women feel valued and “loved”, then complementarianism is fine. Blake, there is much value that is lost in what women can/could have done taking this position. I have seen many women be lazy in their spiritualism because they depend on men, especially their spouse.

2.Feb 5 - What advice would you give individuals currently dating someone or pursuing a date and what should a Christ centred relationship look like? 

What’re some things you wish you had done differently in your own experiences? 

3.Feb - 6 - This is my first time submitting a question and I’m excited to hear your answer! I will start by giving some back story. My question is about gender stereotypes in Christianity. My family was not raised with any sort of religious upbringing, but my fiancés family was very conservative Christian. In my family, the division of labor between my parents was very 50/50 amongst household duties and parenting (my mom was a nurse so they had to be very 50/50) In my fiancés family, it was always told that it was the “womans” job to maintain the house and children, etc. I’m curious to know if this is a typical Christian ideal. My fiancé says it’s just how they were raised even in the church. Is this something you’ve experienced or expect of your wives? And If so, is this biblical based or societal based? What do you each believe? This podcast has helped me learn so much about Christianity and what my future husband may have experienced growing up, so thank you!