Inverted Orthodoxy #333- AER, Matthew, Mark and maybe more!

Apr 3, 2024

In episode 332, Pastors Doug and Blake discuss the following:

320. 2min into episode AER: Last week you spoke about being yourselves at church. I believe most of us masquerade at church and project an image of what we believe the church wants us to look like. I have often thought what would it look like if church was the one place I could go each week and truly be myself, all my faults and successes. 

Thoughts on these thoughts?

321. 13 minutes into episode AER from March 27 Podcast Not really A, E or R, however I wanted to say: Thank you very much for your wisdom and compassion in answering my question about fitting in at church. Your thoughts hit the core of my wonderings and pain. I appreciate the work each of you have let the Holy Spirit accomplish in your life’s. His tenderness, mercy, love and righteous ways shines through.

323. 16 minutes into episode. Feb 27 Why does Jesus say in Matthew 23:36 that the people he was speaking to would be held accountable for the deaths of Abel to Zechariah? Does this signify timelessness, or reincarnation, or…what?

324. 36 minutes into episode Feb 29 - What on earth does Mark 13:14 mean? And why does Mark add the little precaution “let the reader take note”? (Time must have passed, since Mark is referring to a reader.) If this took place in the past, to what does it refer? Does it have a future component to it?