Inverted Orthodoxy #317 - why Doug is weird, organ donations for Jesus, Israel and Hamas… Maybe more

Dec 6, 2023


1.AER on weirdness. Doug likes the smell of coffee but doesn't like to drink coffee.

2.I am trying to decide whether to sign my organ donor card, and then I read first Corinthians????? 6:13 to 15, and it seems to say that our bodies are not just physical entities like food and stomachs, and that God raised Jesus body, and that he will also raise our bodies. I don’t know what to make

of all this.

3. I have been listening to some new outlets and pod casts on the israel and hamas conflict. I do not condone the actions of hamas, but I have recently learned that the Israeli government has been oppressing Palestinians since about 1948, when Jews were presented the land as a symbol of reconciliation after the atrocities of Ww 2. However over time they have taken over the land and have pushed the Palestinians out of the land that they have had for centuries before. I have two questions: many Christian’s would say that israel has the right to fight because it is Gods land for the Jews, and even after these attacks, however this government has been oppressing Palestinians and palestinian Christian’s. There is theology surrounding these views, do you think that some Christian’s have some wrong views on Israel, particularly when it comes to end time theology?

Second what should our response be as Christian’s to this conflict? 

Again not condoning the heinous actions of Hamas, however maybe wanting to bring some awareness that this did not just happen suddenly, there has been more going on then we may be aware of.

4.If you could throw out the “Sunday morning service” playbook and totally reimagine what doing life for Christ in community looks like, what would you do?