Q&A #297- The AER episode! Lots of leadership and board talk, LGBTQ concerns, and maybe more

May 24, 2023

In episode #297, Pastors Doug and Blake discuss the following:

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1. Okay, I feel like you sometimes skirt questions with semantics... can I ask some follow up on the gay board question... let's say this: Scenario 1: someone serving the church currently is gay and is in a gay relationship. they've loyally attended the church, tithe, and are out. Could they serve on the board? If they were a member and were on the nominations for the board. Let's just say they are largely in favour to be elected to the board Scenario 2: the person is gay, isn't in a relationship (decides to never pursue one) and actively serves the church.

Could they be on the board? They are a member and are nominated, and are largely in favour by all members to be elected to the board Also, can you please respectfully stop comparing LGBTQ issues with things like addiction? This is something that comes up every time you address these "issues" whether addiction, sexual assault, etc.  Because it's not the same thing and it's insulting to a community of people who just want to love who they love. And are you saying a gay person would pollute the board?

2. Why does it matter if someone is in a relationship or not if they are gay and want to serve? Has your role or position ever been up to if you're in a relationship? It also has us genuinely wondering if the pastor you previously had on staff was truly only let go because of Covid or if it was actually because he wanted to be fully out and able to be in a committed relationship

3. What does LSCF expect of its members? le. what are a member's responsibilities?

4. Pushback or extension Sure, Doug, it might be true that a leader is sincerely choosing whom he thinks is best for a position, but

"self-selection", ie. selecting people who are the same as you, often cannot be helped and that is why I think LSCF's method of membership democracy is better.

5. Some AER on the drag conversation. I can see why drag makes straight folks and straight Christian’s uncomfortable because it’s something different. Drag, in many ways, functions as a protest towards the oppression that Queer people face in our daily lives. It’s a non-violent expression of our presence and reality in the world. When marginalized groups become oppressed they need to get loud so we can be heard. In many ways, drag has been politicized as a distraction from real issues. That being said, night time drag shows in Queers are not for children, which is why they are in 18 bars and spaces. Even drag on TV is not appropriate because it’s targeted towards adult audiences. Drag queen story hour in libraries, and other places are not the same as nighttime shows. Church can be inappropriate for kids too, a graphic depiction of the crucifixion or radical end times theology can traumatize kids. Drag, for many young people provides hope by showing that there, queerness has a place in our society. When the church can provide that same amount of safety for queer kids then the church can speak out against some of those practices. Currently, the church as a whole does not provide that level of safety, and Security for queer people and so they don’t have a right to speak into queer spaces that way. Love always, Brock