Q&A RE-RELEASE : Episode #225 Adam and Eve, Christmas Traditions, Leaving the church, and more!

Dec 28, 2022

In our Re- release of episode Q&A #225 Pastors Doug, Kyle, and Blake discuss the following:

Pastors discuss the following questions from our backlog.

1. Were there human beings before Adam and Eve were created? When Cain was driven away by God into banishment because he murdered Abel, it says in Genesis that he took a wife and had children and then succeeding generations. Thank you

2. Should Christians participate in the classic Christmas traditions (decorating a Christmas tree, putting up lights, trading gifts) or is there reason to give them up to focus better on celebrating Christ? Would we be better off to adopt more Jewish traditions around this time (e.g. Hanukkah) that would allow us to connect more directly to traditions that are relevant to first century Christians?

3. I’ve been going to this church for 14 years and I’ve witnessed several times when it felt like a large part of the congregation left. This last year it feels there has been a lot of offence taken and hurt feelings and families leaving for multiple reasons. I have a lot of mixed emotions every time this happens. I have a few questions. My questions are not to blame or cause even more division. I am seeking wisdom and clarity to help process the feelings and thoughts I have on this experience. First what are your thoughts on why this happens? When I talk to families who leave, seemingly some of the decisions to leave are tied to people feeling hurt by the leadership of our church. What are you thoughts on that? I understand that the leadership of our church are people who are learning to follow God the best they can and obviously can’t be expected to be perfect. What accountability and relationships do each of you have in your life to help you handle the difficult conflicts that arise between you and members of our church so that you have wise counsel in handling the conflict the way God would want you to? Again my questions are from a broken heart and I’m just trying to understand, not trying to cause any damage

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