Inverted Orthodoxy #313 Truth and Recnciliation, Kyle’s preaching, too much weight on salvation pray

Nov 1, 2023

In our first episode as Inverted Orthodoxy Pastors Kyle, Blake, and Doug discuss the following:

1.Regarding Truth and Reconciliation day. Why is it that public schools close to recognize the holiday but Catholic schools stay open? Additionally, should Christian’s and Catholics be educating or educated more on residential schools and their abuse? 

2. I attended the Long form teaching night on hell, and I will preface with I’m not sure I have a question or a statement. I absolutely adore when pastor Kyle preaches and it seems he’s so passionate and educated about most all he preaches on. I’ve noticed he’s not preaching as much, and it makes me wonder…why? Sometimes when at the gatherings I can’t help but feel some pastors aren’t as passionate with their messages and that might just not be where their hearts are specifically in preaching. obviously everyone should have the opportunity to preach and grow, not to be disparaging of other pastors but could it be that they just aren’t as passionate and have gifting elsewhere? If he won’t be preaching more… can he? Where can we find it? I just hate to think of missing out on such great learning especially when it’s so good most weeks. Thank you for your time and again, I hope I haven’t offended anyone

3.Do you think too much weight he been put into having someone pray a salvation prayer vs people committing their life to Christ and following him? Being a Christian seems to be a journey of becoming instead of an individual event. But maybe they’re not mutually exclusive?