Inverted Orthodoxy #320- AER, Image of God, and maybe more!

Jan 3, 2024

we’re back from Christmas break and can’t wait to answer your questions. In episode #320 Pastors Doug, Kyle, and Blake discuss the following:

1.AER for the Israel and Hamas question. Thank you for fleshing that out, I appreciate how you made it a conversation that was not black and white, that there is not just two sides there are multiple sides. That was the point that I was trying to make. We get so caught up in polarizing views then rather thinking about the multiple views and situations present. I also appreciated how you said it is more Hamas and political national Israel, there are Palestinians and Israelite's that are disagreeing with Hamas actions and the Israelite government. Thank you for bringing that clarity. I hope this helps people to think beyond what social media, news outlets and maybe even what our friendship circles say. Thank you for popping our bubbles when it comes to issues like this, I really enjoy how you guys challenge us all. 

2. Regarding the question that came in about whether God loves those who are suicidal. I am wondering if the person who sent that in was actually asking if God loves someone who is suicidal, why doesn’t God help them other words, perhaps that person feels suicidal and (s)he’s wondering where God is in all of this.

3.What does it mean for humans to be made in the image of God? Is it more that we are made up of aspects of the trinity or is it that God looks like a human? 

Additionally what’s the image you see when you think of God?