Q&A # 285- Popular Psychology in preaching, Has sin always existed, and maybe more!

Feb 22, 2023

In episode #285, Pastors Doug, Kyle, and Blake discuss the following:

1.How do you feel about the increased used of popular psychology topics within modern preaching? Do you feel it is beginning to replace traditional Biblical teachings?

2.Has sin always existed? Where Jesus rules and reigns In heaven there is no sin, but this sinless realm is out of our reach. On earth in the garden it was made out to be sinless until the fall which means we or humanity or whatever were in this sinless realm for a time unless we never actually were. It just seems like this people this earth and this universe are all controlled by “sin” and Jesus is this light, this way out. I say “sin” because that word is used so often but is there some cosmic evil that’s greater then what we see here on earth that is truly out to kill and devour like the lion?

3. Okay, regardless of whether humans as we understand them today have been around for 6,000 years or 100,000 years, if humans did not fall into sin, do you think that our society globally would be as developed technologically as we are today, less developed, or more developed?