Inverted Orthodoxy #325 - AER, Jesus as the word, Anna and maybe more

Feb 7, 2024

AER - on episode 322 you talk about how we should follow God‘s law in the service of others. If the laws set by the government are contradictory to God’s love for the defenseless. The provincial government announced that they want to make mandatory that schools and teachers out trans students if they want to use a name different from their birth, even if they’re just experimenting. Trans kids are already exponentially at higher risk for self harm, suicide and suicidal thoughts. It’s clear that most Christian parents would not support their kids decision in this way and that would cause harm. Should Christian teachers obey the law even though it harms some of the most vulnerable people in our society? I’m struggling hard with this, even though I’m working through what I believe in regards to trans people and the faith because kids deserve to be safe and sometimes their school is their only avenue to experiment with their identity.

What does it mean that Jesus is the “Word”? What would be a synonym for “word” in this case? Is it “the ultimate truth”? And if so, how does the ultimate truth bring things into existence, including life? I’ve always just accepted that Jesus is the Word, without really thinking about what that means.

The prophet ANNa in the New Testament is a very interesting person. She was over 100 years old (married 7 years, widowed for 84 years) and still walking around and advising people. Is there any truth to her being Mary’s mother? What I meant about Anna is, which is true—was she old or was she Mary’s mother?