Q&A #310- AER on Nepotism, Romans 11:30-33, Marching for children? and maybe more!

Oct 11, 2023

In episode #310, Pastors Doug, Blake, and Kyle discuss the following:

AER: I’m curious about Doug’s comments regarding the nepotism conversation on the board. If a couple serves as “one voice” on the board wouldn’t that be the same for a couple working in the church? And I’m wondering if the answer is no, does that mean Doug and Loralie have never spoken even of ideas for the church at home? I guess I just don’t understand the way it’s laid out with the board/ staff 

1 .Could you please explain what Roman's 11:30-33 means to each of you?

Thank you

2. The 1MillionMarchForChildren protest makes me sick and scared for our country, especially our province. LGBTQ people and youth are being villianized and discriminated against. During BLM churches would stand and agree with black people. Who stands with the gay people? Are we too afraid to offend those in the church that we won’t stand up for those whom Jesus loves? LGBTQ kids are exponentially at higher risk for abuse in schools, self harm and suicide and yet the church (as a whole) stays silent. I’m really at a place where I don’t know if I can’t call myself a Christian if so few Christians won’t come to help those in need. They are being abused by the systems of power. Shouldn’t the Body of Christ help them?

3. Hello, I have just started listening to your podcast and have enjoyed your takes on certain questions bother pastorally and personally. I have a question about transgender and people struggling with their gender. I am wondering what your thoughts are on the impact that gender roles have played on people becoming trans genders? And also how certain genders will assume something from that gender, this can be for both male and female. Been wrestling with my own views but don’t want to be in a bubble where my views are the only thing I hear.