Q&A #264- Boundaries for leaders, Halloween, "the wicked" and more

Sep 14, 2022    Kyle Toner, Blake Hardy

In our Q&A #264 Pastors Blake and Kyle discuss Boundaries for leaders, Halloween, "the wicked" and more

1. At what point are we drawing unnecessary lines or setting unrealistic boundaries/ expectations for our spiritual leaders? I clearly understand and fully support spiritual leaders stepping down for things like sexual misconduct. When looking at cases like Matt Chandler,however, if he did indeed just have a friendship crossing “familiarity lines” should he have been forced to step down? Doesn’t this re-ignite an antiquated argument that men and women cannot be friends? (I do understand we may not have the entire story here, but if we do, then what does this say)
2. You can save this question until it is more timely, but is there a way to approach Halloween mindfully as a Christian? Even if you don’t pull out the ol’ ouija board, is there a demonic presence to be aware of during the holiday? Can you enjoy free candy without enabling evil?
3. In the Psalms, there’s often discussion of “the wicked”, and it seems easily read as there is a particular wicked person or group. Is it too presumptuous to assume that you are not that wicked person sometimes? Is that the humility we need to bring to the psalms (that we are all “the wicked”, at least in one way or another)?