Inverted Orthodoxy #315 - Hearing Gods voice, Immoral brother and cultivating hope

Nov 15, 2023

1. How do each of you process the times you thought you heard God say something to you or lead you a certain way only to experience the opposite coming true?

2.Please reword this question if you need to as I’ve struggled for weeks with how to ask it. 

In 1 Corinthians 5:11-13 it talks about expelling the immoral brother from the church. How do we follow this teaching in today’s culture? How is this becoming the love of Jesus to those in our church? What is our role in peoples lives when they claim to love Jesus but seem to have no problems not following his commands to keep sex within the bounds of marriage or many other teachings. Wouldn’t we all need to be expelled from the church for something in our lives?

3.The New Testament writers spoke a lot about hope. What is this hope they speak of and how can we cultivate this hope in our lives today?