Inverted Orthodoxy #322- What happens after death, The fall and morality, Transgender Christians, an

Jan 17, 2024

In this weeks episode, Pastors Doug, Blake, and Kyle discuss the following:

1. I’m a little confused what happens to you after death. I read a few different answers. I read that your soul leaves your body and goes into a dream like state, there is judgement right away, day of judgment, that judgement will happen in two stages - an initial personal judgement when people die, followed by the definitive judgement at the end of it as well as Second Coming (Parousia). 

I always believed that when you died your body is left on earth but your soul goes to heaven. The pain is left behind and that you live in eternal “bliss” (lack of a better word) but I’m so confused with this sleep like state. 

Same question about hell. 


2.Would there be morality if there was no fall? When God created Adam and Eve they did not know Good from Evil until they ate from the tree, prior to that everything just was. Does that also mean God intended on us never knowing the difference between the two? 

3.Do you believe that a person transitioning (or transitioned) from one gender to the other (so, for example, looking into or having had surgeries as well as taking hormones and changing names, dressing as their non-biological gender, etc.) can be a Christ-following, committed Christian? They are actively rebelling against God's creational norm. Each day choosing to go against His creation. So can you be a trans-gender Christian?