Q&A #281- Christ Centred Christmas, Israelites and the promise land

Jan 25, 2023

if someone wanted to bring Christmas back to a Christ-centred celebration, what are some practices you would recommend? (I didn’t really mean a “movement” in the political sense, but rather a “moving toward”.) Thank you

When the Israelites enter the Promised Land, it seems like there are already a lot of groups of people living there. This tends to lead to the Israelites attacking and defeating these groups in order to take the land that God promised. Did God promise it? Did the Israelites take a promise from God and extend it further than was meant to be extended? Should we believe - especially in the Old Testament - that every time God commands a group to be defeated, it is actually coming from God?

In James, when it is said that "teachers shall be judged more harshly", who does that apply to? Just pastors? (Were there even "pastors" when James wrote this..?) Kids' ministry volunteers? Actual school teachers? Parents?