Inverted Orthodoxy #318 - Throwing out Sundays, non sucky Christian movies, Corinthians 15 and more

Dec 13, 2023

In this episode of Inverted Orthodoxy, Pastors Kyle and Doug discuss the following:

1. If you could throw out the “Sunday morning service” playbook and totally reimagine what doing life for Christ in community looks like, what would you do?

2. Pitch me a post-apocalyptic Christian novel/tv show that doesn't suck.

3. In Corinthians 15: 24-28, it really doesn’t sound like Paul believes that Christ and God are the same. He says that when the end comes, Christ will hand everything over to God, that God is not under His authority but that He is under God’s authority, and that when He hands over the reins, “then God will be in control of everything”. Do we as Christians disagree with Paul? This is very confusing.

4. What is your heart for the Living Springs community during Sanctuary? In a space where we all have different needs and traditions and desires how do we honor one another and create a space where we all feel free to worship openly?