Q&A #284- House of the righteous, loving and serving others, and maybe more!

Feb 15, 2023

In episode #284 Pastors Doug, Kyle, and Blake discuss the following:

Live AER: wait, does Doug not believe in evolution then? Isn’t there much science to prove the theory of evolution at this point? Or are you arguing similar points down to semantics?

1. Do you think modern day church has become a house for the righteous instead of a hospital for the broken? If God came to church, would he like what he was seeing?

2.I just want to ask is loving and serving people enough to win people over to Jesus? Many people serve and love without having faith in God.I also know ultimately it is the Holy Spirits work.

3.Wondering if you have suggestions for women inside the church at living springs, but don’t feel welcomed by women’s ministry?