Q&A #244- Being a patriotic Christian, views on the kingdom, and more!

Apr 27, 2022    Kyle Toner, Doug Phaneuf, Blake Hardy
Pastors Doug, Blake, and Kyle return as a team to discuss the following:

1. Re-submitting because I don’t think I submitted my original question. If I did, you can ignore this. We can agree - I think - that Christian nationalism is a slippery slope into idolatry of nation over Christ, living for freedoms granted by a government over serving those around us in Christ’s name. But is there any space for Christians to be patriots? What does that look like, if at all? Is the alternative hating the country? Or is there an in-between: like, can you simply be “apathetic” towards the nation? I don’t know if there’s a direct parallel to the earliest church because I can’t imagine many apostles being “pro-Rome”.

2. I'm reading through the Gospels and noticed that sometimes Jesus says the Kingdom of God is here (Mark 1) and sometime he says it's coming (Luke 21) and sometimes it seems like it means Heaven (John 3). Each writer seems to have their own view on the Kingdom so who is right?

3. Just read Luke 21:32“Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened." Have these things happened? I believe Hebrews talks about Jesus return being "soon". 2000 years is not what i would consider "soon" and we've certainly gone WAY passed a generation. I have heard a theory that in 70 AD a lot of these things happened and people think that Luke 21 has already happened.

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