Inverted Orthodoxy 323 - AER, How Reformed are we? Word up Jesus and maybe more.

Jan 24, 2024

in episode #323, Pastors Kyle, Doug, and Blake discuss the following:

AER: the transgender question on episode 322. Could you clarify - is transgenderism right or wrong? Not talking about intersex or gender dysphoria, but trying to change from one gender to another or trying to be non-binary - is that wrong? Do you practice ‘pronoun hospitality’? If a professing Christian decides to be transgender and goes through with surgery - do you affirm this? What would you do if your teenager or younger child decides to take cross-sex hormones - do you let them? Is it hateful or loving to not affirm this? What do you think of SOGI in our public schools?

Kyle mentioned the Protestant Reformers a few podcasts ago. Do you hold to the doctrines that came out of the reformation? The five solas? What about Calvanism? All five points?

What does it mean that Jesus is the “Word”? What would be a synonym for “word” in this case? Is it “the ultimate truth”? And if so, how does the ultimate truth bring things into existence, including life? I’ve always just accepted that Jesus is the Word, without really thinking about what that means.