Q&A #269- Asking for signs, taking the Lords name in vain, Treasures in Heaven, and more!

Oct 26, 2022    Kyle Toner, Blake Hardy, Doug Phaneuf

In our Q&A #269, Pastors Blake and Kyle discuss the following:

1. In Matt 16:4, I read that “evil and unfaithful people ask for a sign”. Is this true even today? If I ask for a sign, am I evil and unfaithful?

2. What does it actually mean to take the lords name in vain?

3.Matthew 6 talks about storing up your treasures in Heaven. All the commentaries I've read talk about doing all the things the sermon on the mount says to do and that's how you store up treasure. Jesus's words makes it seem more tangible than acting right here on earth. How would you say we store up treasures in Heaven and what are those treasures?

4.Can you explain sanctification?

5. Can you explain Acts 15:36-41?

6. I’m wondering if you could pick one topic to insert into the Bible that isn’t already covered what would it be?
If you could use 1 verse or passage of scripture to sum up the entire message of the Bible, what would it be and why?