Q&A #262- Dying to self, the rapture, Jesus' thoughts on the cross, and more!

Aug 31, 2022    Kyle Toner, Blake Hardy, Doug Phaneuf

In our 262nd episode, Doug, Blake, and Kyle join as a team to answer feedback from our list

1. wish I remembered the page number but early on in a burning in my bones was a story of teenaged Eugene hanging out with an old man at his junkyard or something on weekends and helping with odd jobs. At one point the man makes an inappropriate advance towards Eugene. Then, after safely leaving that situation he continues going back. There’s a note in there saying something along the lines of “knowing it was ill advised to go back” or something like that… ………. so that paragraph got away from me. Question: How do we balance serving others and “dying to self” while also knowing that God loves us and does not desire us to be mentally/emotionally burnt out, physically unhealthy or destitute?

2. In my reading of scripture, I understand we are to be encouraged and comforted by the coming rapture of the church. Wondering what your thoughts/beliefs are on this in light of scripture?

3. I have heard songs and preachers say that while Jesus was on the cross he was thinking about me. Is that true? Did Jesus consider each person individually, past, present, and future as he sacrificially died for us (me)?

4. How’s dad?