Q&A #252- Post Pandemic Youth, Talking God down, Unicorns and Angels and maybe more!

Jun 22, 2022    Kyle Toner, Blake Hardy, Doug Phaneuf
In our 252nd episode, Doug, Blake and Kyle join as a team to discuss the following:

1. It appears that there is significant negative affect on some youth since the pandemic. Some youth who were outgoing and vibrant before have become fearful of leaving the house or encountering friends while out with family. Many have established comfort only interacting under "familiar circumstances" such as texting, while at school, etc. Can you speak to this?

2. In Exodus 32, Moses effectively "convinces" God to not smite us all by reminding God of his promises and his character...say what??? So God was angry and ready to do evil and Moses talked him out of it? My thoughts are maybe this was simply another test of Moses to see what he's learned so far OR was God truly so angry he really needed to be talked down?

3. If we could see them, what do you think the population density of angels and demons is on earth? Are they rare like unicorns or all around us and actively influencing human behavior?